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Thanks for stopping by,

Music Unlimited knows how to party !! We have been providing music for Birthdays, Anniversarys, Car Shows, Family Reunions, and other events since 1983. We encourage you to choose as many song as you like from our list of over 6000 songs. We'll play as many of them as we can, and fill in the rest with great party songs that will get everyone out of their chairs. And Instant requests are no problem during the dance.

And what would a Party be without a dance contest. We provide the prizes, and will lead the group in doing the "Chicken dance", "Limbo" "Cuban Shuffle", "Macarena", "The Twist", and others. We would be happy to assist in any of the evenings events.

When you hire Music Unlimited, you know you'll be getting myself, Ray Bartley, as your DJ. I am a veteran radio disc jockey. Working on-the-air mornings at  KUKN 105.5 FM in Longview, WA.

With Music Unlimited you can rest assured you'll be getting an experienced, professional emcee & disc jockey, who's never been late, or cancelled out at the last minute.

Ray Bartley
Music Unlimited



I do not play music you dont want.
I do try to play the music that people want to dance to.

I do not over-shadow the music with useless chatter.
I do make any announcements that you want.

I do not make demands on how the dance should go.
I do listen to your needs, and will make suggestions based on my experience.

I do not follow a written format of songs.
I do play a variety of music.

I do not play records or tapes
I do have an excellent sound system & digital music.

I do not hire you out to someone else.
I do the dance myself.

I do not require a contract.
I do require a ten dollar, non-refundable deposit, and payment in full by the evening of the event.



Available Monday thru Friday ONLY
For $100 per hour, with a minimum charge of 3 hours
You get....

  • A Cordless Microphone for announcements.
  • Our list of over 6000 songs, which you are welcome to choose songs from.
  • Various Lighting Effects, including a mirror ball, blacklights, and more.
  • Karaoke - no additional charge, upon request!
  • Optional subwoofer

Call 503-397-6434




  • 5 hours of music
  • A Cordless Microphone for announcements.
  • Our Music List. Choose from over 6000 songs.
  • Various Lighting Effects, including a mirror ball, blacklights, and more.
  • Karaoke - no additional charge, upon request!
  • Optional subwoofer
  • Each additional hour is $100.00..

Call 503-397-6434


I have had Disc Jockeys from the East Coast and from California e-mail me, informing me that I do not charge enough for my services. They say the standard rate for a disc jockey is, at least $1200 - $1500 dollars. My answer to this is, it may be true for New York or California, but not for Cowlitz, Columbia, & Clatsop counties. There are some Disc Jockeys in Seattle & Portland who do charge these rates. However in this area those prices would not be competitive. I never try to undercut the competition. But I remain committed to giving a fair price for a fair evening's work.